...to Behind the Wardrobe. The only TFL approved fanlisting for the The Chronicles of Narnia Series, specifically, the movies. For now, this includes the The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Magician's Nephew is rumoured to come out in 2014 and The Silver Chair in 2015. The exact dates have not been released yet.

I first fell in love with these movies with the books. The Narnia series was the first series of books that I ever read. I still remember how amazing and proud I felt when I finished reading it. I loved the books and then when the movies came out, I had to see them. I was such a huge fan of the books, I was hoping the movies would be just as amazing. ...And they were! The movies just made me fall in love with the series all over again! I can watch the movies a million times over. They're inspiring.

I owe a huge, huge thank you to Nicole for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting.


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